Professor of Video, Edin Velez wins grant

The experimental documentary “66 stories and one love poem” by RUN Professor Edin Vélez has received a major grant from the New York State Council on the Arts.

This work in progress film looks at how we confront aging, memory loss and decay. It is an impressionistic road movie where the viewer travels through a literal and figurative landscape of aging human faces, towns, and landscapes. Shot on location in New Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Berlin, and New York.

Professor Rob Snyder appointed Manhattan Borough Historian

Professor Robert Snyder, Professor of Journalism and American Studies at Rutgers Newark, and most recently the co-author of All Nations Under Heaven: Immigrants, Migrants and the Making of New York was appointed Borough Historian of Manhattan.
You can read more about his appointment here.

ACM Professors win Cultural Programming Grant

Professors Ned Drew, Keary Rosen, Rebecca Jampol, and Emmanuel Cacciatore received a Cultural Programming Grant to conduct a Visual Literacy Workshop for local high school students.

The program allowed this ACM team, along with a cadre of Rutgers students, the opportunity to teach and engage the participants with a project entailing the use of photography, digital design, 3-D laser cutting, and letterpress printing. The workshop consisted of three weekend sessions and was held at Express Newark. The grant also allows the workshop to continue during the Fall 2019 semester as well.

Pictured:  ACM Faculty and ACM students with local high school students at Express Newark.
ACM Faculty & Graphic Design students engaging with local high school students at Express Newark.

Comprehensive Monograph on Sandy Skoglund forthcoming

Silvana Editoriale with esteemed Italian Curator Germano Celant will release a comprehensive, colorful monograph of Artist and ACM Professor, Sandra Skoglund’s work in October 2019.

With over 300 images, ranging from the earliest photography of the mid ’70s to previously unpublished photographs that Professor Skoglund has recently created as well as her most recent body of work, ‘Winter.’

Newly published book by Dr. Seggerman -Modernism on the Nile

Challenging typical views of modernism in art history as solely Euro-American, and expanding the conventional periodization of Islamic art history, Seggerman theorizes a “constellational modernism” for the emerging field of global modernism. Rather than seeing modernism in a generalized, hyperconnected network, she finds that art and artists circulated in distinct constellations that encompassed finite local and transnational relations. Such constellations, which could engage visual systems both along and beyond the Nile, from Los Angeles to Delhi, were materialized in visual culture that ranged from oil paintings and sculpture to photography and prints. Based on extensive research in Egypt, Europe, and the United States, this richly illustrated book poses a compelling argument for the importance of Muslim networks to global modernism.

Analyzing the modernist art movement that arose in Cairo and Alexandria from the late nineteenth century through the 1960s, Alex Dika Seggerman reveals how the visual arts were part of a multifaceted transnational modernism. While the work of diverse, major Egyptian artists during this era may have appeared to be secular, she argues, it reflected the subtle but essential inflection of Islam, as a faith, history, and lived experience, in the overarching development of Middle Eastern modernity. 

Professor Sandrine Colard named Artistic Director of Ludumbashi Biennale

The 6th edition of the Biennale of Lubumbashi will be held in the Fall of 2019 under the artistic direction of Sandrine Colard (Belgium/USA).

Founded in 2008 at the initiative of Picha Association – “image” in Swahili – the biennale explores the contemporary creation of the artistic scene in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the world. It is today one of the most dynamic and experimental artistic events on the African continent.

You can read more about this event as well as Professor Colard’s participation here.

Professor Kimi Takesue on her way to prestigious residencies

ACM’s own – Professor Kimi Takesue has received many many accolades over the past year for her award-winning film, 95 AND 6 TO GO. Now, Professor Takesue is getting ready to spend the next year participating in not only a TED Talk, but two prestigious artist residencies as well.

You can read more about her journey here at an article at Rutgers SASN website news.

ACM Video Professor, Kimi Takesue Wins Prestigious Filmmaker Award

Kimi Takesue, Associate Professor in the Arts, Culture, Media’s Video Program, is one of five recipients of the Chicken And Egg Breakthrough Filmmaker Award.  The award is given yearly to 5 female documentarians,  and comes with a $50,000 unrestricted grant, plus a year of mentorship.   Kimi was selected for her latest film, 95 and 6 to Go.

From the press release:
The Breakthrough Filmmaker Award was designed to “respond to the reality that only a few women nonfiction directors in the U.S. are able to work full-time as independent storytellers. The program recognizes and elevates five experienced women directors with unique voices who are poised to reach new heights and become strong filmmaker- advocates for critical and timely issues. When so few women achieve the same visibility and access to resources and opportunities as men, the Breakthrough Filmmaker Award program is a resounding crack in the glass ceiling.”

Express Newark Grand Opening!


4:00PM – L&M Development Partners Lecture Series Launch
The L+M Development Partners Lecture Series will launch on May 5th, in the Express Newark Lecture Hall, at 4pm. Guest speaker Newark’s own Professor Nikki A. Greene of Wellesley College will give a lecture entitled “Newark: My Home in the Arts”

5:00-8:00PM – Express Newark Grand Opening
Express Newark: University – Community Collabratory is located in the iconic, former Hahne & Company department store bordering Broad, New, and Halsey Streets.
Facilities are designed to support cross-unit, cross-sector, cross-institutional publicly engaged scholarship and include an arts incubator where faculty work with community artists and local schools and institutions to cultivate new talent; a community media center that leverages expertise on and off campus to help Newarkers of all generations develop tools to tell stories in multimedia that will weave the counter-narrative of this diverse community, told by, rather than merely about, its members; a design consortium partnering the university and community arts and cultural organizations to immerse students in a real- world consulting company that takes on the challenge of communicating about urgent issues facing metropolitan America; and a community portrait studio where people who live in, work in, or pass through Newark—including student and youth groups—can have complimentary portraits made and practice photography while learning about Newark’s historic role in American portraiture; and a space for exhibitions and performances associated with Newark’s grand legacy in Jazz.


Edin Velez , Rutgers Professor, has film premiere at Museum of Modern Art

World Premiere: Museum of Modern Art, NY
Documentary Fortnight
Feb. 17, 2017 , 6:30 PM

State of Rest and Motion is a tour de force, a poetic homage to the subway as the rare place where people have time to themselves even as they share their space with thousands of others. Velez’s main intention is to produce a series of portraits of humans in their daily habitat. The faces are so honest and open, oblivious to fact that they are being recorded, yet there they are, close-up in stunning detail.

Edin Velez is the chair of the Video Program which is part of the Arts, Culture, Media department.

Rutgers Students featured in Newark film festival

  • Shot of Arlington Video as seen at Newark Film Festival

The Newark International Film Festival, which has events starting September 8th and ending on Sunday, September 11 will feature the work of 6 students from the Rutgers Newark department of Arts Culture Media.

The student short films were produced from original screenplays in the ACM Video Program’s, Narrative Video Production class at RN.

Click here for a link to festival information.


Directed by Gabrielle Mendoza

Logline: A former hero of the city turned homeless man walks the streets he once saved as he encounters his last known fan.

Length: 12:28 minutes



Directed by Yu-Hsuan Wu

Logline: A young woman has responsibilities way beyond her years as she fends for her sister and self when faced with domestic abuse.

Length: 11:49 minutes



Directed by Bruno Ferreira

Logline: An uncertain young man decides to confront the skeptic that is in all of us.

Length: 6:43 minutes



Directed by Jamella Braithwaite

Logline: A young woman struggles to cope with a dysfunctional home and her parents’ sudden separation.

Length: 10:11 minutes



Directed by Carlos Palaguachi

Logline: Two young men try to heal their friendship after a tragedy puts a rift between them.

Length: 13:30 minutes



Directed by Adam Velez

Logline: While on the verge of suicide, Christian reflects on his life choices which is interspersed with his close friends and family talking to a psychologist.

Length: 11:22 minutes


ACM class creates a permanent mural in Newark

COLOQUIUM  in Arts, Culture and Media is a team-taught interdisciplinary special topics class led by a variety of professors from different disciplines represented in the ACM department..

In Spring 2016 ACM 301 focused on Murals, Street Art & Graffiti: Power and Public Art in Contemporary Urban America. The course was taught by DR. ANNE SCHAPER ENGLOT and by MR. RODNEY GILBERT in collaboration with Gilbert’s Yendor Productions as well as the My Brother’s Keeper Newark organization and the City of Newark.

Students were introduced to the history of the city, of street art as a form of political resistance and social activism and they engaged you in creation of a permanent mural in the city of Newark, NJ and the planning and implementation of a social action project organizing a block party in the South Ward neighborhood where the mural was installed.