Announcing the 2020 Graphic Design Capstone Project

The Department of Arts, Culture & Media at Rutgers University-Newark, is pleased to share the 2020 senior graphic design capstone exhibition, REPRESENT. The capstone exhibition includes twenty-three transmedia projects that individually examine representation. 

You can view the project HERE.

ACM Professors win Cultural Programming Grant

Professors Ned Drew, Keary Rosen, Rebecca Jampol, and Emmanuel Cacciatore received a Cultural Programming Grant to conduct a Visual Literacy Workshop for local high school students.

The program allowed this ACM team, along with a cadre of Rutgers students, the opportunity to teach and engage the participants with a project entailing the use of photography, digital design, 3-D laser cutting, and letterpress printing. The workshop consisted of three weekend sessions and was held at Express Newark. The grant also allows the workshop to continue during the Fall 2019 semester as well.

Pictured:  ACM Faculty and ACM students with local high school students at Express Newark.
ACM Faculty & Graphic Design students engaging with local high school students at Express Newark.

RU-N 2019 Graphic Design Show

RU-N Graphic Design Seniors dedicate their capstone exhibition to im/migrant’s voice at Project for Empty Space Gallery in Newark. Newark, New Jersey.

Rutgers University-Newark Graphic Design students present

I Stood at the Border: Im/Migrant Voices & Stories Retold, an exhibition which examines conversations surround­ing im/migration.

The exhibition will open with a reception Saturday, April 27th, 2019 from 5pm-8pm at the Project for Empty Spaces gallery at Gateway Center in Newark, NJ. It is free and open to the public Monday through Saturday, 11 am-6pm through May 14, 2019.