[ Announcement ]

Professor of Video, Edin Velez wins grant

Pictured: Videographer and Professor, Edin Velez.

The experimental documentary “66 stories and one love poem” by RUN Professor Edin Vélez has received a major grant from…

[ Announcement ]

Professor Rob Snyder appointed Manhattan Borough Historian

Pictured: portrait of Professor Rob Snyder

Professor Robert Snyder, Professor of Journalism and American Studies at Rutgers Newark, and most recently the co-author of All Nations…

[ Class Project ]

ACM Professors win Cultural Programming Grant

Pictured: Prof. Ned Drew engaging with high school students at Express Newark

Professors Ned Drew, Keary Rosen, Rebecca Jampol, and Emmanuel Cacciatore received a Cultural Programming Grant to conduct a Visual Literacy…

[ Announcement ]

Comprehensive Monograph on Sandy Skoglund forthcoming

Pictured: the cover of the new monograph on Sandra Skoglund

Silvana Editoriale with esteemed Italian Curator Germano Celant will release a comprehensive, colorful monograph of Artist and ACM Professor, Sandra…

[ Announcement ]

Newly published book by Dr. Seggerman -Modernism on the Nile

Pictured: book cover of Modernism on the Nile

Challenging typical views of modernism in art history as solely Euro-American, and expanding the conventional periodization of Islamic art history,…

[ Exhibition ]

Professor Sandrine Colard named Artistic Director of Ludumbashi Biennale

Professor Sandrine Collard.

The 6th edition of the Biennale of Lubumbashi will be held in the Fall of 2019 under the artistic direction…

[ Announcement ]

Professor Kimi Takesue on her way to prestigious residencies

Pictured: Professor Kimi Takesue

ACM’s own – Professor Kimi Takesue has received many many accolades over the past year for her award-winning film, 95…

[ In The Press ]

ACM Video Professor, Kimi Takesue Wins Prestigious Filmmaker Award

Kimi Takesue, Associate Professor in the Arts, Culture, Media’s Video Program, is one of five recipients of the Chicken And…

[ Announcement ]

Express Newark Grand Opening!

WE INVITE YOU TO ENTER A THIRD SPACE.   4:00PM – L&M Development Partners Lecture Series LaunchThe L+M Development Partners…

[ Exhibition ]

Edin Velez , Rutgers Professor, has film premiere at Museum of Modern Art

World Premiere: Museum of Modern Art, NYDocumentary FortnightFeb. 17, 2017 , 6:30 PM State of Rest and Motion is a…

[ Exhibition ]

Rutgers Students featured in Newark film festival

The Newark International Film Festival, which has events starting September 8th and ending on Sunday, September 11 will feature the…

[ Class Project ]

ACM class creates a permanent mural in Newark

mural created by ACM class

COLOQUIUM  in Arts, Culture and Media is a team-taught interdisciplinary special topics class led by a variety of professors from…